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Lee Kennedy


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Lee Kennedy is the story of a boy who learns that his father is abusive. Being unable to deal with this he begins writing a diary, allowing the reader to understand how he is thinking. A mysterious young man called Joshua Tetra, who seems to only appear to attend math class, and then disappear afterwards, befriends Lee while in that class. Joshua becomes a support to Lee as the abusive behaviour of his father escalates, eventually causing Lee to have to leave his home and live with the Tetras and Lee’s mother to be hospitalized. The story will follow Lee through his life, with support from Joshua and Holly, a girl concerned for young people living on the streets, will he get his life back together? And what secret is Joshua hiding?

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David J. Cowpar


A Life Changing Friendship




David J. Cowpar, more commonly known as Wavey is from Limerick, Ireland, but has lived in Cork, Ireland since 2008. David is a graduate of Villiers School, Limerick (where he has also spent some time teaching as a substitute), University College Cork (where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts, in Religion and History; and a Professional Diploma in Education, teaching Religious Education and History.) David is now studying a Masters in Applied Theology with the Irish Bible Institute in Dublin, Ireland. David presently resides in Cork with some friends where he enjoys helping out at the UCC Christian Union, writes books and procrastinates from studying. David has a keen interest in both religion and history, as well as Christianity and understanding God more. He likes to read fantasy books and watch fantastic works of film. David Cowpar has previously been published in the UCC Undergraduate Historical Journal with an article on how King James I of England came to power.






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