Kylie – Naked

A Biography

by Nigel Goodall & Jenny Stanley-Clarke


ISBN: 9781849892988
  • Page Count223
  • IllustrationsNone
  • Word Count73,320

Kylie Naked is the bestselling biography of Kylie Minogue. First published in 2002 to coincide with her massive Fever arena tour of the UK and Europe, the book was the first to tell the story of her well publicised relationships with Michael Hutchence, Jason Donovan and James Gooding. From Neighbours to Stock Aitken and Waterman to her disco revival at the top of the charts, this intimate biography, applauded by Kylie’s manager for its accuracy, explores the real woman behind the public image. Drawn from interviews with key players in the industry, Kylie, friends and colleagues, Kylie Naked was the first book to delve into the real Kylie, from her success as a soap star to her assault on the UK charts, and to this day is still regarded as the most authorative and in-depth portait of one of pop music’s most private stars.

About the Author

Jenny Stanley-Clarke has worked as a public relations consultant for numerous celebrities and edited several influential music books including the bestselling tribute to Freddie Mercury, A Kind of Magic. Nigel Goodall is one of the UK's leading celebrity biographers with more than 20 books on the movie and pop world to his credit, including the bestselling, prize-nominated biography of Winona Ryder.