Just Boys

by Nic Penrake


ISBN: 9781849892551
  • Word Count91,678
  • Page Count267
  • IllustrationsNone

A powerful coming of age story told by ‘Blue’, now twenty years old, who gives a no-holds barred account of how he survived a close friendship with two boys whose deviant ways knew no bounds. What starts as a typical story of boys struggling to get a steer on their hormones and the changing world they find themselves in slowly descends into a nightmarish account of kids committing sex crimes against other kids, of one boy’s sexual fantasies veering dangerously and, finally – fuelled by a cocktail of loneliness, pornography and parental neglect, fatally – out of control.

About the Author

Nic Penrake was born in Montreal and moved to Richmond, UK, in the mid sixties. He attended a dreadful comprehensive and went on to study English at University of Sussex just as Thatcher’s cuts began to hurt. After various botched attempts to get his Law Finals two years later, or even any job that would last more than six months and paid the rent, he settled on copywriting as a profession. And like a lot of copywriters has been trying to write his way out of advertising for the past 15 years. He is the author of Sisi & Sonia, a 5 star amazon thriller and modern reworking of the fatal attraction theme, set in London’s escort world. In September 2009 Nic produced and directed his own play 'Virtually in Love' at London’s The White Bear. He is currently writing a novel – London Love – based on that play. Nic is also a writer/director of 7 short films, many of which have been screened at festivals, streamed online and on cable TV. He is currently the lead writer on a 26 episode CGI drama series for kids that has just picked up distribution and looks set for wild and wonderful things for ten year olds all around the globe. More recently Nic has been editing his 14-year-old daughter’s first novel entitled 13.