Jonah and the Whale

by Nakesha Lowe


ISBN: 9781783338801
  • Word Count1,401
  • Page Count54
  • Illustrations24 Colour Illustrations

Jonah was ordered to go to the city of Nineveh to preach the word of God. He tried to escape from his responsibility. Jonah learned quickly that he could not escape from God’s wrath. The Lord is merciful when you repent from evil.

About the Author

Nakesha Lowe is a children's author from Saint Paul, Minnesota. She knew she could write short stories at a young age. She discovered her gift of creativity at age of 19. Nakesha finally got the courage to self-publish her first children’s book “It’s All About Me” in May of 2010. Everything she writes is from experience. Nakesha hopes to help children learn valuable lessons and make them smile. Her books are original, innovative, and humorous. They are for any child that enjoys reading poetry and short stories.