Japan – Hell on Earth: 2011

by Paul Andrews


ISBN: 9781849893732
  • Word Count6,365
  • Page Count47
  • Illustrations18 Colour Images

On the 11th March 2011, a massive earthquake hit the Pacific Ocean near to North-Eastern Japan. Soon afterwards, a devestating tsunami followed. This quick-read guide written by Paul Andrews gives the reader an overview an explanation of the events in easy-to-understand plain English. With sections including the nuclear crisis, the effect of the disaster on Japan’s – and the global – economy, and information about what causes an earthquake and a tsunami, this is a concise guide to the shocking events surrounding one of the world’s worst natural disasters.

About the Author

Paul Andrews is an Incorporated Engineer (IEng), with a Post-Graduate Certificate in Environmental Decision Making. Paul has over 15 years experience in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing industries with major blue chip companies and a further ten years experience in the media and entertainment industry.