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This is a collection of short stories, verse, and so-named ‘Flash Fiction’ for the male or female reader who enjoys variety. Topical themes covered by the short stories range from Crime drama (from differing perspectives) Satire (you may even think you recognize a character or two!) and Comedy pieces doing their best to raise a smile or a chuckle. So if you would like to know what might have happened to a pacifist during the first world war, then there’s a story here for you. If you want to find out how a man called Malone deals with his unfaithful wife, there’s a story here for you. If you want to visit a coward’s grave (with a difference) you can do so within these pages. If the spiritual world interests you, then hopefully you will find something positive to take from ‘It’s Only Words’, the short story bearing the title which has been given to this collection. As for the versed work within this collection, the author has again ranged across a multi-coloured palate of subject matter. He has written to amuse you or stimulate you, or even move you if he has caught you at a time when a particular piece may resonate within you as you read.

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A Collection of Short Stories and Verse








Bill Cariad


Bill Cariad is the pen-name of a Scottish writer currently living in Wales. Three of his novels have already been published and this is his first collection of short stories. A fourth novel, entitled 'Talking To Strangers' is scheduled for publication in the near future, and he is currently working on his second collection of short stories and verse. He says he writes firstly because he cannot imagine not doing so, and secondly that it helps to keep the 'grey cells' in working order. His two main fans (and fiercest critics) are his wife and his brother. So he writes hoping he can satisfy those two before daring to hope he will be enjoyed by anyone else.







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