In the Shadow of the Eye


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For tourists, the London Eye is a central attraction and thousands queue every day to obtain a panoramic view of the city. But for Kevin, a homeless man living on the river embankment in the shadow of the London Eye, viewing its fairy-like lights through the branches from his home in Cardboard City, it is a symbol of his life going round and round and getting nowhere.

The novel provides an insight into the injustices in the lives of the homeless. Kevin befriends Jock who has an alcohol problem and they are joined by Mahmud, a boy who has run away from home and Monika, a frightened young East European girl who was the victim of a human-trafficking ring and suddenly goes missing.

Kevin visits “The Shelter”, which supplies food and some basic comforts for the homeless. He meets Kate, a full-time teacher who does voluntary work in “The Shelter”. She sees something special in Kevin and wants to learn more about his background but is bound by the rules of “The Shelter”. The story has many layers; homelessness, depression, dependency, general disaffection, racism, human trafficking, murder and mystery. The focus is on Kevin but lurking in the shadows is a dark, mysterious character who is watching his every move. This is a book about loss and love but this sinister character in the background will do all he can to ruin Kevin’s happiness.

It is a book of many layers; homelessness, depression, dependency, general disaffection racism, human trafficking, murder and mystery. But the main focus is on Kevin. Why is he is in this situation? Will Kate find out more about his circumstances? But behind the scenes, and weaving his way through the book, lurking in the shadows, we have a dark, mysterious character who appears to be watching Kevin’s every move. It is a book about loss and the discovery of love but this sinister character in the background will do all in his power to jeopardise Kevin’s happiness.

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Kathy Lavelle


Kathy Lavelle was born into a small British, village community. From very humble beginnings, Kathy later spread her wings and moved to London where she qualified as a teacher, then took an Open University BA Degree, a Masters Degree in the study of Special Educational Needs, and after her retirement she studied for a BA in English and Creative Writing. Throughout her career, she taught in Nottingham, Ireland and California. She was a primary school Principal in London for the final twenty years of her teaching life.
Kathy has been married to Michael for 43 years. They have four children and five grandchildren. She is now a Chaplain and voluntary hospital worker in East London and has worked with the homeless in Westminster. In her limited spare time, she has a keen interest in playing bridge.
Kath’s first book “The Baby in the Biscuit Tin” was published with Chipmunka Publishing.
It was her pastoral care work and involvement with the homeless in London that inspired Kathy to write the novel, “In The Shadow of The Eye.”







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