How not to run a Hotel

by Harry Pope


ISBN: 9781849899505
  • Word Count9,693
  • Page Count42
  • IllustrationsNone

Basil Fawlty has reincarnated in Eastbourne as Harry Pope, he enters into a disastrous partnership with a Californian businessman, and buys a 28 bedroom hotel. He employs Polish, not Spanish, staff, blocks the purchase of a £10,000 ornamental fountain for the front garden, and enters into a hate relationship with Volvo estate drivers. He discovers that his partner has financial feet of clay, his housekeeping staff don’t know how to use a duster, and his general manager could give lessons on spying to James Bond. Read, enjoy, laugh, and cry with him during his trials and tribulations, and then want to learn what happens next.

About the Author

Harry Pope started writing in the 1980s for London Weekend Television for their Who do You Do impressionist show, as well as Weekending for Radio Four, and then decided that the day job as a funeral director paid more when  the boss came calling with a promotion. He only returned to writing in 2003, and has written magazine articles, material for minor comedians, and regular (non paid) articles for the Peterborough column in the Daily Mail. He has twice been chairman of his local writers’ circle and is still very active writing in the Eastbourne area. He is a grandfather of three young ladies, and has been married to Pam for almost 38 years. This has been a success mainly because she laughs at his jokes in company as if she hasn’t heard them before.