Hitler’s Sock

A novella in the Pratt International series

by Will Collins


ISBN: 9781782349112
  • Word Count23,833
  • Page Count88
  • IllustrationsNone

The Coate-Duffel family dynasty had been founded on the wealth generated by their button factory over the last three hundred years.
Now, owing to the cheap import of buttons from the East, the family business is in jeopardy, and Frederick Coate-Duffel has to find an urgent solution.
With the help of Reginald Pratt, an architect of questionable ability who has nevertheless managed to acquire an international reputation, they pursue a plan to convert the button factory into a museum of extraordinary curios.
The Superior People’s Alliance, a political party, are desperate to obtain the factory, believing it would provide an ideal platform for their social engineering experiments. They also will go to any lengths to obtain one of the key exhibits that is ear-marked for the museum, a sock that supposedly belonged to Adolf Hitler.
As the situation descends into chaos, nobody, is aware of the part that Clarence, the goat, will play in events.

About the Author

Will Collins is a writer and musician who worked in the architectural profession as a designer and project manager for many years. He has written several humorous and satirical novels and novellas including the Pratt Internatonal series that are now being published as ebooks. He divides his time between Surrey, UK and Provence, France, where he lives with his wife and his French bulldog. When he is not writing, he is playing or listening to music, tinkering with classic cars, or discussing the meaning of life in the local bar.