Hitler, Chamberlain and Munich

The End Of The Twenty Year Truce

by Nick Shepley


ISBN: 9781783331079
  • Word Count21,263
  • Page Count74
  • IllustrationsNone
  • SeriesExplaining History

In the mid 1930s, Hitler’s determination to wage a European war and destroy the Treaty of Versailles seemed to be an unstoppable force in international affairs. The weak and divided British and French, crippled by multiple crises over the Rhineland, Spain Abyssinia and Austria were poorly prepared for the ordeal to come. This ebook explains how Hitler schemed and manipulated them in order to guarantee the destruction of Czechoslovakia and Poland.

About the Author

Nick Shepley is an historian, writer and teacher who lives in Wales with his wife, a mountain of books and their cat Chomsky.