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Nigel Flaxton enjoyed a satisfying career in education covering the second half of the 20th century, This is an account of some of his experiences from old-fashioned monastic seclusion in training college just after the Second World War to three headships of new schools, the last being an upper school of over 900 students. Written with gentle humour, often at his own expense, he also comments on the very considerable changes in education in a broad sense during that period. He includes nearly two years in the RAF, to which he was frustratingly called up shortly after he qualified and his unprecedented promotion to Sergeant after one year. .Following what he expected was retirement he continued with government initiatives encouraging greater use of modern technology in schools, then further part-time support to schools using timetable software. This is not just a book for professionals. It will be of interest to anyone who enjoys reading other people’s personal memoirs, especially someone with an obvious sense of humour.

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Nigel Flaxton


Nigel Flaxton served in schools in six counties, having first gained a Year Prize at College. He has an honours degree in the Sociology of Education. He has written a novel, on a completely different theme, based on the revelations of Emanuel Swedenborg, the 18th century Swedish scientist, nobleman, theologian and seer. The title is 'Road Fork in the Valley' and is available free at With his wife, who was also for many years a Championship Show judge of dogs, he wrote 'All About the Samoyed', (1998), but not under his pen name. He also wrote the article on the breed in 'The World Encyclopaedia of Dogs' (1971) and has contributed occasional articles to 'Dog World' and 'Dogs Monthly'. He edited and wrote in the fourth and fifth editions of 'The Samoyed' (1971 and 1995) published by The Samoyed Association. He and his wife showed and bred Samoyeds, eighteen of which became Champions, and Tibetan Spaniels and Japanese Spitz. Both he and his wife judged at Crufts and also in seven countries overseas from Finland to New Zealand







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