Greenstreet and Back

A Hilarious Adventure in South East Asia

by Francis Abel


ISBN: 9781782343516
  • Word Count190,090
  • Page Count485
  • IllustrationsNone

Greenstreet and Back is an amazing, humorous autobiography that follows a journey from, a near death experience, to an incredible passage of self acceptance and realisation. The true story of painful rehabilitation dips into the black humour of facing your own mortality and the acceptance that the life once known was now a thing of the past. The book is a chronicle of courage and fortitude that shows with determination any obstacle can be overcome. Francis begins a pilgrimage to learn about his new life that eventually takes him to the other side of the world to exotic South East Asia. His hilarious encounters along the way happen mostly by chance and very unexpectedly. From a near molestation by a dancing Ladyboy in Northern Thailand to a “run in” with gun tooting bandits in Cambodia, the quest gets ever more bizarre and farcical. Eventually Francis experiences an epiphany but fate has one more harsh and cruel card to play towards the end of his odyssey.

About the Author

Francis Abel was an average working bachelor working at an Electronics Company until his life took a drastic turn when he suffered a severe stroke five years ago. Born in 1960 in Liverpool his life has been vastly varied, from owning a Record Shop and being a Short-Order Chef to working for Global Organisations. His passion for music is a cornerstone of his day to day life along with his favourite football team Everton F.C. Francis has taken to writing late in life as a consequence of his illness and "Greenstreet and Back" is his debut work. It describes his incredible journey back to a new life via an extraordinary epic sojourn in South East Asia. Francis now lives in southern Thailand and is currently working on his second book.