God’s High Holy Days vs. Man’s Pagan Holidays

Creative Wisdom Series (Volume 2)

by Nakesha Lowe


ISBN: 9781783334629
  • Word Count4,323
  • Page Count26
  • IllustrationsNine colour illustrations
  • SeriesCreative Wisdom

God had ordained what days are ordinary, and which days He had made High Days and hallowed them as feast days for the Israelites. Many generations have strayed away from the way they are suppose to serve God; they have taken heed to the way of the stranger, celebrating man’s pagan holidays. We have to serve God the way we are ordained to and not the way we want to. There are man’s philosophies and opinions, and then there is the truth. (Ecclesiasticus 33: 7-9)

About the Author

Nakesha Lowe is a children's author from Saint Paul, MN. She is originally from a small town called Isola, Mississippi. Nakesha knew she could write short stories at a young age. She always had a love for writing since the age of 19, but finally had the courage to get her first children's book self published in May of 2010. Everything she writes is from experience. Nakesha hopes to help people and make them laugh. Her books are very original but innovative, and humorous. Her books are for anyone, child or adult that likes poetry and short stories.