Gideon’s Loop

by Terry L Persinger


ISBN: 9781849896986
  • Word Count62,296
  • Page Count219
  • IllustrationsNone

This is a story that draws you in with action and adventures about a secret world that is very much a part of your life, although you may not realize it. Thomas and Jacob Gideon are in charge of leading the Patriots, a group dedicated to overturning the evil that the Elite are spreading throughout the world. Beware, you’ll find yourself cheering for their success as you read through the pages of this captivating story.

About the Author

Terry Persinger looked for somebody to collaborate with on his idea – Gideon’s Loop. That is how he and Jill McKellan connected. It was from those conversations that the book was created. Jill, a published author and professional ghostwriter, loved the idea and saw the appeal of the story. The ideas for Gideon’s Loop are abundant and ideas are sketched out for an additional five books.