Gemini Thunder

by Chris Page


ISBN: 9781849898812
  • Word Count78,228
  • Page Count238
  • IllustrationsNone
  • SeriesThe Venefical Progressions

This book picks up where Book One, Veneficus – Stones of the Chosen, left off… The Viking are coming! The most savage and vicious raiders of Britain’s history have sent a large force of ninety longships to capture Wessex under the command of Guthrum, the Viking king. A desperate King Alfred enlists the enchanted aid of Twilight, veneficus of Wessex, and his troubadour companion, Desmond Kingdom Biwater, in a frantic fight to protect Wessex and its poetic Celts, from the horn-headed berserker hoards streaming across their green and peaceful land. Assisted by their own twin venefici, the enchanted Go-ian and Go-uan, the Viking put Twilight’s abilities to the severest test. As the death toll mounts King Alfred loses vital battles at Winchester and Chippingham and is forced into hiding in the dense swampland of the Summerland Levels…

About the Author

Chris Page lives in Wiltshire and is married with two children. He is a historian and storyteller with a great enthusiasm for English Dark Ages history. Chris has been working on the Venefical Progressions series for ten years and seeks to entwine some of the great Wessex legends and sites with a fast-paced narrative of magical fantasy and savagery.