Feathers of Love

by Gordon Morrow


ISBN: 9781782344414
  • Word Count6,830
  • Page Count57
  • IllustrationsNone

From the tear drops of angels. These writings come. These are the tears with-in the tranquilized warmth of our children. From the graceful willows spoken through the eyes of a dream-teller. Soft words dancing naked upon the wedge of feathers, for the people of the world. For with-in the corridors of whispering tears. The children sing to the soft morning mist. For the tenderness of love and happiness. So allow the shadowed moon flowers of our children to eclipse he wings of life around you. Yes these writings are of our children. The most wonderful reflection we will ever know. Illuminating the twinkling of precious memories. So thank the lord of evening prayers, for the gift of a child, is here.

About the Author

Gordon Morrow was born in a small town in New Zealand. The only boy with 6 sisters. At the age of 15 he left school to start a plumbing aprentership. After he gained his certificate Gordon moved to the USA. For the next 20 years Gordon lived here. Married and started a family, his young son Seth disappeared at the age of 3. With sadness upon his heart Gordon began secretly writing, from the tears of his son’s reflection. Eventually Gordon was blessed with a young daughter. A beautiful young baby, she was born with cancer. Now a single dad raising a little girl, who’s life was surrounded by the walls of hospitals. Gordon at this point walked away from the love of words to give all the warmth of his love to care for his baby girl. Now Gordon has found his way back to the magic that fill’s his heart. With the hand of angels upon him Gordon has compiled this collection of writings to share. “Whispering Tears” is writings through the eyes of a dream teller.