Explaining the Russian Revolution

Your Guide To The Ten Toughest Exam Questions On The Revolutions of 1917

by Nick Shepley


ISBN: 9781785382413
  • SeriesExplaining History

The Russian Revolution can be one of the hardest subjects at school or college to study, complex ideologies and arguments need to be understood before the actual events of the revolution start to make any sense at all. In this new ten point guide I’ve condensed everything I have taught on Russia over the past decade into an easy to understand guide, along with two bonus essays at the end. This title is perfect for students who want to understand the revolution and its aftermath or learners who want to master the topic and included in the e-book are in depth answers to the following questions:
* What is communism?
* Who was Lenin?
* What problems did the Tsar face?
* Why did the February Revolution happen?
* Why did the October Revolution happen?
* Why was there a civil war in Russia?
* What was the Red Terror?
* What happened to Russia’s churches?
* What was the NEP?
* Why did Stalin succeed Lenin?

About the Author

Nick Shepley is the creator of the Explaining History series of e-books, podcasts and videos, dedicated to helping students, teachers and enthusiasts to master modern history. Nick has published 20 e-book guides and written two textbooks on modern British history.