Explaining Britain and Her Empire: 1851-1914

A Student's Guide to Victorian Britain

by Nick Shepley


ISBN: 9781785382437
  • Word Count44,696
  • Page Count151
  • IllustrationsNone
  • SeriesExplaining History

In the six decades between 1851 and 1914 Britain was transformed by industrialisation and empire. Her politics, society, culture and economy all underwent a radical transition. This is an Explaining History e-book written specifically for A level students to help them master this complex and challenging period of study. It covers
* The evolution of the party system in Victorian Britain
* The development of working class culture and politics
* The expansion of empire and the rise in international tensions
* Everyday life for Victorian people of differing social classes
* The impact of the industrial revolution
* The growth in the franchise
* Unrest in Ireland and the issue of home rule
* Liberal and Conservative social reforms
* Popular imperialism
* The causes of the First World War.
The e-book also contains a link to a resources web page with downloadable study aids, exam help and essay writing guides.

About the Author

Nick Shepley is the creator of the Explaining History series of e-books, podcasts and videos, dedicated to helping students, teachers and enthusiasts to master modern history. Nick has published 20 e-book guides and written two textbooks on modern British history.