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Second in the Cormack and Woodward series. Based on a true story, Emerald is the fast-moving sequel to The Dutch Caper, showing Cormack and Woodward being flown into Berlin in order to bring out ‘Emerald’, the mistress of a high-ranking member of Hitler’s staff in Berlin but also a long-standing British undercover agent. She has been passing on information from Hitler’s Berlin Bunker for several months now, but has now become the object of an intensive Gestapo search. Emerald’s real name is Marianne Kovacs, the Irish born wife of a Hungarian diplomat, who has been working for SIS for four years, but who knows that she stands little chance of survival if she remains in Berlin. (Her character is based on an actual British agent, whose fate in real life remains a mystery.) Cormack, Woodward and Marianne have to escape from a Berlin that is being systematically destroyed by the approaching Soviet Army, with the Gestapo hot on their heels. To add to their problems, the Soviet NKVD (the fore-runner of the KGB) starts to take an interest in them as well…

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James Baddock


James Baddock has had six thrillers published in the UK, USA and Canada. Reactions to these have included being described as ‘leading the pack in suspense mystery’ by Clive Cussler, and having ‘much in common with Jack Higgins’ by the Daily Express. His books are all very much fast paced espionage thrillers, with the emphasis on action, although characters are given space to grow and develop; indeed, one of his priorities is to avoid stereotypes and to let their strengths and weaknesses emerge as the story unfolds, especially in terms of how they behave when under extreme pressure. Five of these books (The Dutch Caper, Emerald, Piccolo, The Alaska Project and The Faust Conspiracy) are now being published as ebooks, along with two brand new titles (Berlin Endgame and Servants Of The State).
During a previous life, James taught English and Media Studies at several Secondary and Upper Schools, but still found time to gain an Honours Degree in English Literature and a Masters Degree in Media, Culture and Communications. His interests include reading, rock music, films and Tottenham Hotspur (not necessarily in that order).


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