Emerald Greene and the Witch Stones

by Daniel Blythe


ISBN: 9781783337095
  • Illustrations2 Illustrations
  • Word Count63,968
  • Page Count213

There’s a new pupil at St Agnes’ school in the historic city of Meresbury. She’s a mysterious, otherworldly girl called Emerald Greene. A girl without a past, without a family or friends. When Jess and Richie decide to befriend her, they’re in for a few shocks – for Emerald lives in a mansion which doesn’t exist, and can see things nobody else can see. Meanwhile, Meresbury becomes home to a series of strange events. What is the secret of the tomb which the eccentric Professor Ulverston has unearthed in an ancient stone circle? Where does the talking cat come from? And why have Mr Courtney and his Special Measures operatives arrived in town? With unearthly apparitions stalking the land, Jess and Richie soon realise that their mysterious classmate might be the only one to know what’s happening. But it seems Emerald Greene has her own secrets – and nobody is quite sure whose side she is really on…

About the Author

DANIEL BLYTHE is the author of 14 published books, including acclaimed fiction and non-fiction for adults, teenagers and children. He has been one of the writers for the BBC's Doctor Who books and is the creator of Shadow Runners. His work has been translated into several languages and has sold in many countries including the USA, Canada, Brazil, France and Germany. He lives with his family on the edge of the Peak District in Yorkshire, England.