Each Man Kills

(Inspector Lambert)

by David Barry


ISBN: 9781783338665
  • IllustrationsNone
  • Word Count54,010
  • Page Count185

A drunken old farmer is murdered and Swansea police detective Harry Lambert is unable to discover a motive for what looks like the work of a professional killer. But before long the hunter becomes the hunted as an ex-SAS soldier escapes to remote, rural west Wales, pursued by DI Lambert. The trail is strewn with all manner of intriguing debris: terrorism; Celtic mysticism; and tortured relationships. Each man struggling to shrug off the complexities of the past. Each man having to surrender the present. Each man, in his own way, killing.

About the Author

David Barry has been an actor for almost 50 years having started as a child actor He played Frankie Abbott in the 70s sitcoms Please, Sir! and Fenn Street Gang, and has appeared in countless theatre and TV productions, including episodes of The Bill and A Mind to Kill. His autobiography Flashback was published in 2006, and includes his childhood memoirs of touring Europe in Titus Andronicus in1957 with Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh. He has also recorded it as an audio book which is published by Oak Tree Press. His published novels include: Mr Micawber Down Under, (Hale Books) and two Inspector Lambert thrillers, The Wrecking Bar and Missing Persons written in his own name of Meurig Jones. The Ice Cream Time Machine (for children) Willie the Actor, Careless Talk, and More Careless Talk are all published by Andrews UK. His Freddie Weston thrillers include Muscle (Thames River Press) and A Deadly Diversion (Acorn Books). He lives in Tunbridge Wells and has two grown up children.