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Duality is the second book of the One God trilogy. This is the story of Shane Mitchell, the father of Hope Caradoc who, having lived on the streets since he murdered his abusive adopted father, is taken in by Heaven’s Hosts only to discover that he is in fact the reincarnation of fallen Metatron, Gabriel. Remembering a plan given to him some time ago he persuades a good number of Heaven’s Host, including Annabel and Catherine to move to Rhyl where they are to start an invention business using the knowledge of the cooperative angels. As Annabel, Catherine and Shane get the business under way they also have to assist Hope as she gets used to her powers, not realising that she is the central figure of the entire war and believing the powers to be gifted to her by Lucifer when he was put back to sleep. During this time Annabel also attempts to enlist the help of a number of demons duped into following the cause of Hell, including the demon who considered her inner soul to be his best friend, Archfiend Satan and the host must also learn to communicate with new allies, the spirits who, to them, were nothing more than myths.

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David Griffiths


David Griffiths has been writing almost since he left school. He's also travelled a lot. He's rarely seen the inside of an office but feels he's seen plenty of the world. The hardest task he's had has been to see the inside of himself, something he now feels he's managed and boy, he likes what he's seen. He's seen a fair few struggles. He's faced a fair few battles. And he cherishes all of his life experiences, good and bad, because they've made him the person he is. He has been accused of being a narcissist but the thought of having a relationship with himself makes him a bit queasy. He's also been accused of living in a fantasy world, an accusation to which his typical response is, "Who doesn't?" When he's not trying to entertain the world he likes to show his daughter what a big kid he is.


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