Drawing Down the Moon


England, 1644. Young Ellie Harewood falls victim of renowned Witchfinder General Matthew Hopkins, and is left to die in the depths of a winter’s forest. As Ellie begins to pass to the other side she is rescued by an old hag, one fully immersed within the world of witchraft. Sensing great power within the young woman, the hag barters with Samael, the spirit who arrives to ferry Ellie cross the plains of existence, and promises a greater amount of human life delivered by Ellie’s own hand if her life be spared.

With one month to make good on the promise, Ellie is released to the guidance of the hag, before Samael returns to claim her soul. But, after finding of her escape, Hopkins and his company of paranormal hunters must track them down and deliver Ellie to London at the King’s request, or face a trial of fraud brought about by the most powerful people in England; Parliament.

Can Hopkins find and kill the accused witch he failed to execute, or will Ellie master the art of paganism and witchcraft in time to save her life?

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A.M. Keen




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