Diamonds Are But Stone

by Peter Vollmer


ISBN: 9781783339259
  • Word Count102,176
  • Page Count326
  • IllustrationsNone

The novel is set in southern Africa (mainly South Africa and Angola) and the Cayman Islands in the early 1990s, at the time when South Africa was still ruled by the apartheid regime and when competing nationalist movements (including UNITA) were fighting for independence in Angola. This is a pacy thriller involving gun-running and diamond smuggling set against the background of the disturbed political situation and the involvement of BOSS (the South African security service) and the CIA.

About the Author

Peter Vollmer’s books of high adventure and suspense are a natural reflection of their author. The grandson of German colonists who settled in Namibia in 1890, he had a Namibian German father and French mother. His parents studied in Germany where the bulk of his family still resides. After living and studying in Namibia, France and England, Peter returned to his native South Africa. He was directly involved in assisting the then Rhodesia when that country declared UDI and assisted in breaking the embargo set by the UN. Often these supplies, some of which were of a military nature, were clandestinely flown into Angola.Born in 1941, Peter started writing novels at the beginning of the Angolan Bush War, when he worked as a banker. He is fluent in German, English and Afrikaans. Peter has family-owned a farm on the fringe of the Namib Desert and the Kakaoveld. He currently resides in Johannesburg. Peter’s novel Per Fine Ounce will be traditionally published by Thames River Press this year and he is currently working on his next book in this same genre called A Contentious Legacy which is about the pelagic fishing industry, Russian factory ships, the Skeleton Coast and arms-smuggling once again.