Devil’s Acre

by Mel Croucher


ISBN: 9781785383724
  • Word Count101,577
  • Page Count312
  • IllustrationsNone
  • SeriesThe Dockyard Quartet

The world’s largest building collapses as terrorists launch weapons of mass destruction against the civilian population. Except this time the target is His Majesty’s Royal Dockyard. The superpower is England. The terrorists are American. And it’s 1776. Shock and awe, as a media war sows the seeds of fear, and panic sweeps the nation. The conspirators behind the atrocities are revealed to include a transvestite aristocrat, a crippled media baron and an alcoholic child, all holed up in the navy’s favourite brothel. Welcome to Devil’s Acre.

About the Author

Mel Croucher is a native son of the streets and alleys known as Devil’s Acre, Portsmouth, home of the Royal Navy. A third-generation “dockyard matey”, he was a surveyor of the Royal Dockyard by his early twenties, then an architect specialising in ancient buildings and historic bawdy houses. In 1972 he proposed to raise Henry VIII's sunken flagship Mary Rose and designed a museum structure for her, next to Nelson's HMS Victory in Portsmouth Dockyard. The unique vessel was eventually raised in 1982, and the world-class Mary Rose Museum opened on Mel's proposed site in 2013.Mel Croucher has written and directed award-winning video entertainments and is a popular journalist and writer of social comment, academic books and fiction. His previous book, Deus Ex Machina, was published in 2014.