Daughters, Sons and Shadows

by Bill Cariad


ISBN: 9781783339655
  • Word Count131,450
  • Page Count412
  • IllustrationsNone

England, 1943…and in war-torn London Elizabeth Creacey and Katherine Swan, two student nurses at Saint Bartholomew’s Teaching Hospital are brought together to form a friendship founded on tragedy. A friendship destined to dramatically impact upon the lives of many others throughout the next fifty years. Romance catapults Elizabeth into sexual awakening and into the world of a mysterious British army officer with a French accent and a mission. Elizabeth’s wartime diaries surface in 1992, into the hands of the man who has slept with his brother’s wife. In the midst of a 90’s commercial power-struggle, this potentially destructive knowledge falls into the wrong hands and the emotional time-bomb explodes…

About the Author

Bill Cariad is the pseudonym of a Scots-born writer who now lives in Wales. He is the creator of the 'Maria Orsinni' thrillers. To date he has written three novels, a couple of novellas, and a number of his short stories have been published in small press magazines.