Cockshut Grange

by Siusaidh MacDonald


ISBN: 9781783338702
  • Word Count94,821
  • Page Count287
  • IllustrationsNone

Cockshut Grange is a tale of witchcraft, murder and revenge centred around an historical family feud. When Dr. Stuart Carney, together with his wife and their two children, decides to move away from the pressures of city life and into the green tranquillity of the Irish countryside, little does he suspect that the rumours of witchcraft circulating the small village of Lisnacally might actually be true. However,a series of terrifying and inexplicable events soon force him to confront the truth – that not only is there a witch in residence,but also that someone – or something – is trying to kill his entire family.His wife Jo,meanwhile,finds herself increasingly drawn into the bizarre world of Davey McFie,a young,enigmatic busker. Unable to extricate herself, she decides to take drastic action,a decision which proves to have shocking consequences.

About the Author

Siusaidh MacDonald was born and educated in London, the last in a long line of wildly ecentric and misanthropic Scots,one of whom may be seen on the label of the Camp Coffee bottle. She has worked at a variety of jobs over the years including teaching,cleaning gents' lavatories, nursing and housewifery. Since being diagnosed with epilepsy, she has taken to writing horror fiction,a genre close to her heart. When not reading or writing, Siusaidh divides he time between campaigning for animal,including human,rights and pretending to understand philosophy.She is also a self-confessed music junkie. Siusaidh MacDonald currently lives in the middle of a peat bog on the beautiful Isle of Skye together with her husband and a Scottish terrier named Maggie.