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Children of the Sun

The Fall of the Aztecs

by Elizabeth Manson Bahr


ISBN: 9781783333486
  • Word Count107,615
  • Page Count341
  • Illustrations3 B&W Maps

Children of the Sun is an epic retelling of the Conquest of Mexico from the Aztec point of view, and a breath-taking story of courage and loyalty, treachery and deceit. Peopled with a huge cast of characters from the agonised Emperor himself and his headstrong daughter to the enigmatic conquistador Hernan Cortes, this is a richly imagined recreation of one of history’s most extraordinary civilisations and a heart-breaking lament for its fall.

About the Author

Elizabeth grew up in Kenya and the Pacific Island of Fiji. She studied French and Spanish at Tulane University in New Orleans with a summer at Mexico City University where she discovered the Aztecs. This is her first novel. Prior to writing, Elizabeth ran her own successful greetings card company, Bizzie Lizzie Cards.