Careless Talk

Secrets and Lies in a town near London

by David Barry


ISBN: 9781781663226
  • Word Count66,674
  • Page Count254
  • IllustrationsNone

Mike, an itinerant hairdresser living in Tunbridge Wells, learns all the gossip of the town. He cuts the hair of holy hypocrite Nigel, who is seeking a new relationship, but disapproves of his new lover’s daughters. And as Mike cuts deeper and deeper into this superficially respectable town, he soon learns it is a hotbed of vice, intrigue and gossip, and even his own family life, he realizes is not so very secure. By the end of a tempestuous year, many of his customers will become involved in revenge, rape, murder and suicide.

About the Author

David Barry has been an actor for 40 years, having started working as a child actor, touring Europe in Titus Andronicus with Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh. He played Frankie Abbott in the television sitcoms Please, Sir! and Fenn Street Gang, when he first began writing. His first novel, Each Man Kills, was published in 2002, and he published his autobiography, Flashback - an Actor's Life, in 2006. His based-on-a-true-story crime fiction, Willie the Actor is published as an ebook by Andrews UK, as is his children's book, The Ice Cream Time Machine. In 2011, Robert Hale Books published his Charles Dickens spin-off, Mr Micawber Down Under, and in 2012 they also published his crime thriller, The Wrecking Bar, under his real name of Meurig Jones. He lives in Tunbridge Wells and has two grown up children