Bullet Naked

by Chris Page


ISBN: 9781785382451
  • Word Count80,640
  • Page Count246
  • IllustrationsNone
  • SeriesAlbie Cork

On the Pakistan border an American spy drone is brought down and captured. A heavily scarred young jihadist is sent to England to fly it into a special and important target and is picked up by the cameras at Heathrow. Mossad send a female agent to work with Albie on tracing the drone. She already has a bullet lodged just one millimetre from her spine that can’t be removed, only treated.
Two other jihadists are in England, one as a diversion and the other, a leader with his family, to bomb an equally important… and royal… target.
Albie is involved in a massive shoot out at one target but no one knows about the other one.
The country will be in flames if either succeeds.

About the Author

Living in Wiltshire, Chris Page is married with two children and is a full-time author and former historian of Dark and Middle Ages Celtic and Saxon England with five historic fantasy books to his name together with four other contemporary novels. He has now turned his attention to producing fast-paced modern thrillers and has completed the first four of a planned ten-book series featuring the former army bomb disposal man, Albie Cork.