Blow Down Boy

by Chris Page


ISBN: 9781785382611
  • Word Count85,211
  • Page Count265
  • IllustrationsNone
  • SeriesAlbie Cork

A young priest who was abused by a male tutor at a London seminary plots revenge. He has gathered a group of down-and-out ex-soldiers to help him. As the body count rises, it includes an undercover agent and Albie’s parents who were assassinated in Australia. On his way back from the funerals Albie is joined by a rugged former South African mercenary. Now he has a former fellow soldier alongside whose version of Law and Order is kill or be killed, the same as his.
The destruction of Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s cathedrals are targeted.
Will they remain upright and who will be in them if they come down?

About the Author

Living in Wiltshire, Chris Page is married with two children and is a full-time author and former historian of Dark and Middle Ages Celtic and Saxon England with five historic fantasy books to his name together with four other contemporary novels. He has now turned his attention to producing fast-paced modern thrillers and has completed the first four of a planned ten-book series featuring the former army bomb disposal man, Albie Cork.