Beware The Corn Woman

More than Life or Death, it's Revenge!

by Neil Michael O'Mara


ISBN: 9781783332113
  • Word Count32,216
  • Page Count105
  • IllustrationsNone

A young Native American believes an ancestor killed nearly three hundred years ago haunts him. He also has the conviction that he and his family are tormented at every twist and turn of their lives by the injustices exacted on their people both in the past and modern day. Spurred on by this ancient warrior spirit, his life is punctuated by his
quest to vindicate the wrongs of the past and present. However this is not the only force at work in his life. Unpredictable change is at hand by a woman who appears to stand for everything he doesn’t care for, the established order.

About the Author

Neil Michael O'Mara was born and raised in a village in Yorkshire, England. Following career promotions he moved to County Durham and then to a rural location in Cheshire where he has lived for over twenty years. Academically the author has a University of Manchester honours degree in Business Management and the author's interests include researching his family history, competing in the local pub quiz and creating great fiction thrillers. Neil also enjoys his travel, especially to North America where his debut thriller 'The Bonnie Blue Conspiracy' was set in the US southern states. This was a novella and published in September 2012.