Beauties and the Beast

by Eric Scott


ISBN: 9781783339174
  • Word Count71,631
  • Page Count239
  • IllustrationsNone

Three men, Belvedere Thornton, an ageing Shakespearean actor who was a star in Hollywood; Mickey Finnegan, an over the hill club comic; and Billy Winter, time and drug ravaged rock superstar find themselves on the stage of a decrepit theatre. None of them have any recollection of how they got there. They meet Angela and Diana who tell them they are there to audition for a newly discovered play by William Shakespeare.
In the wings in a dark room Mr. Lucy, the show’s producer sits and watches while the women put the men through an interrogation that dredges up the worst nightmare moments of their lives.
Why and what is the purpose of auditioning for Mr. Lucy and his mysterious company?
It is a horrific tale of the supernatural and the occult, with strong sex scenes.

About the Author

Eric Scott is a published novelist with adult, teenage and primary school books to his name as well as two editions of one-act Plays for teenagers. Most of his plays have been performed in amateur and professional venues. He does a regular theatre review and preview spot on the Spectrum arts program on radio 4EB, 98.1 FM, at noon each Friday and runs his own entertainment web page at www.absolutetheatre.com.au He is also an actor and director with more than 50 productions under his belt