Back For Revenge

by Morton Middleditch


ISBN: 9781785383779
  • Page Count204
  • IllustrationsNone
  • Word Count68,989

Eddie and his wife Sam, a former policewoman had busted a drugs cartel in Peru. The drugs baron, Millichip, follows them back to England seeking revenge.
Jamie, bullied at school and a recluse, searches for his absent father to take revenge for his miserable life.
As Millichip closes in, Eddie’s and Sam’s lives are in mortal danger, whilst the police close in on Jamie who is running out of options.

About the Author

Morton Middleditch served as an executive for 35 years in the UK SPAR Food Group, retiring as Managing Director. He was commissioned to write the 50 year history of the SPAR Food Group. This was published in 2007 which then led him to write his first novel entitled Left for Dead. Back for Revenge is the follow-on story in a trilogy involving the life of Sam Jacobs, a former policewoman, who was tasked to bring to justice a drugs baron.