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Augustus Baltazar

by Neil Bursnoll


ISBN: 9781782348344
  • Word Count79,251
  • Page Count241
  • IllustrationsNone

Mark. Enforcer. Just plain old Stu. Augustus Baltazar is a Paranormal Investigator with more skeletons than space in the cupboard. He only has best friend Mike to depend on, until beautiful brunette Jenny threatens to rattle his bones. DI Joe Merrick is on his last life with the Police force, caught between a case he is struggling to solve and a DS with a different opinion. Out of all this, what piece of the puzzle does Mike’s girlfriend Sera hold? And just what are the sinister shadow and the man on fire that haunt them all? Once the fuse is lit, everything changes. This is the first thrilling volume in an ongoing series from emerging author Neil Bursnoll.

About the Author

Neil Bursnoll has been writing fiction since he was six years old. He has a keen interest in horror, fantasy and science fiction. He enjoys zombie movies and books, ghost stories and the Star Wars Expanded Universe. He also has a diverse taste in music that has helped forge a lot of his work. Neil is married to Ciann, and they have two beautiful children - Alexis and Jack.