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APPEARANCES is a collection of twelve short stories revealing how fragile and elusive reality is. It is full of playful and powerful images that exist all around us. Funhouse mirrors of life. Or maybe the other way round. Raw images of a reality normally photoshopped and made to look gorgeous in the beauty parlors of everyday society, now shown for what they are, revealing their true nature. The mirror theme helps reflect on this reality. Stories are mirrors of life, of people and circumstances. Images in those mirrors range from the exact to the distorted. They can be revealing, misleading, or indicative of something. They can be full of promises and lies, changing the world according to their whims, or brutally honest, revealing the world as it was never meant to be seen. Whatever the case, the images are real, and so are the mirrors, phenomena of the everyday world, reflecting back to us who we are, what we do and how we have set up the world around us. They indicate to us the various aspects of humanity and the human psyche, exposing our longings and fears. Victor and Xavier share these stories with us, offering their perspective on life through the prism of mirrors that are playful, powerful and present wherever one looks. Nothing can be taken for granted. Only one thing’s for certain. Appearances are not what they seem.

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And Other Stories from Behind The Mirror








Nicolas D Sampson


Nicolas D. Sampson was born in Cyprus and grew up in a semi-occupied divided society, a situation that kindled his curiosity in matters of interpersonal relations and group dynamics. He attended Arizona State University and studied psychology before going on to complete a master’s degree in Social & Developmental Psychology at Cambridge University. After graduating he worked as a freelancer in the advertising world before deciding to focus on his writing. His first book to be published was Behind The Mirror in 2008 and an updated and fully revised version is due out next year. His second book, Appearances, is a collection of twelve short stories dealing with life as seen through the prism of fun-house mirrors and is available in e-book and paper format.







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