Another Side to the Mirror

by Alain-Joël Breugelmans


ISBN: 9781849897136
  • Word Count58,198
  • Page Count189
  • IllustrationsNone

Meet Christine, an orphaned teenager misunderstood by her godparents and society with an urge to be who she is. One night, she steps into an imaginary utopia called Delarte. Delarte is a place where everything is possible and everything or everyone is accepted. It is there, she meets a witch called Bella and her puppet called Vera. Along the way, Bella and Vera show Christine a great deal of kindness and hospitality. Christine witnesses a show in Delarte’s theatre, where she sees creatures such as flying mermaids, immortal clowns, singing butterflies and many other creatures. Stepping through the mirror again, Christine blurs life between reality and Delarte. Spiral down on Christine’s journey and meet intriguing creatures from dancing corpses to singing werewolves and find out what it feels like to finally be understood, or is not everything as it seems?

About the Author

Another Side to the Mirror is my first novel, the first in a series of three. I’m from Belgium where I studied at an International School. When I graduated, I went to the UK to study theatre. Soon after my studies started, I figured out that it wasn’t what I wanted to do, so I quit. When I moved to London, I figured out that I wanted to study film, so that’s what I did. I attended the Ealing Metropolitan Film School for a One-Year Practical Filmmaking course. This is where I got my initial idea for Another Side to the Mirror. It was a world that captivated me completely, where I could let my imagination run wild. I’ve always had a knack for making things up and coming up with crazy creatures, even as a child. Another Side to the Mirror is a perfect example of that.