Aileen the Alien

An encounter with another world

by Andrew MacLaren-Scott


ISBN: 9781782342342
  • Word Count17,466
  • Page Count69
  • IllustrationsNone

A light-hearted novella about alien abduction that will make you smile and will make you think. A middle-aged man heads off for a break on the wild west coast of Scotland but gets a much greater change of routine than he expected. This fast-paced tale is surprising, entertaining and thought-provoking. It reveals another world rather close to home that is strangely similar to our own world, but also very different.

About the Author

Andrew MacLaren-Scott has written widely on scientific subjects (as Andrew Scott), including books translated into many languages. He was born in Edinburgh and now lives in Perthshire, Scotland. With a degree in biochemistry and a PhD in organic chemistry, he brings a keen interest in science to everything he writes. He dislikes faith, respects evidence, but the only thing he is certain of is his uncertainty.