A Land Fit for Heroes

Miss Kirkwood's Class of Heroes

by Sullatober Dalton


ISBN: 9781783338788
  • Word Count96,643
  • Page Count309
  • IllustrationsNone

This is a story of love; Peggy Kirkwood’s enduring love for her fiance, killed as a pilot in the Great War; love for the people of her home community, especially the children she teaches. She is determined to honour the promise of ‘A Land Fit for Heroes’ the country made to the men who went off to war. Instead she has to fight prejudice against women having a career and the educatiioon of the children who would form the next generation of ‘cannon fodder’. The story, with its dark moments and lighter patches, follows her struggles from the end of the Great War, through the mining strikes of 1925 and 1926,to the easing of things for the miner’s families on their return to work.

About the Author

Sullatober Dalton was brought up in a mining village. Some have portrrayed life in mining communities as all doom and gloom but that was not Sullatober's experience. While there was little other than basic necessities at home, he and his fellows were lucky enough to be taught by a series of competent and motivated teachers like Peggy Kirkwood. The teacher's attitudes, supported by the community, embued many of his contemporaries with the desire to 'better' themselves yet always to serve the community.