A Girl Called Jake

by Iain Fraser Grigor


ISBN: 9781849892599
  • Word Count68,000
  • Page Count201
  • IllustrationsNone

Two natives, one b*stard and a mighty bog… A Girl Called Jake draws on a translation from a hitherto secret archive to tell the story of a gigantic narcotics plant that’s built upon a mighty bog. But in a strange and distant land, a rising for liberty is crushed with vicious and unparalleled violence. And in the country of the book’s principal action an agitation grows – and grows. For here too is a disturbing spirit of national sentiment. And here too a rising – a strictly unconstitutional affair!!! – takes place. So in the giant plant is fought once more one of the great battles of classical antiquity. But in the very moment of victory – defeat! For just as the cops’ big bust gets under way – the whole plant tilts and flips, and sinks forever in its mighty bog: and everything goes back to the good old way that it was. With an introduction: and, by the translator, an afterword.

About the Author

Iain Fraser Grigor spent a decade studying European history and culture at the universities of Strathclyde and Glasgow and was a member of the Journalistes en Europe programme in Paris. He worked extensively as a trawler-deckhand around the Scottish coast, and has been a journalist for the BBC, the Daily Express and the Sunday Times. He is author of the e-books The Trial and Execution of George VI, The Glenfinnan Manuscript, Highland Resistance and A Nation in Want of a Grievance. He lives on a croft in Morar in the Scottish Highlands.