50 Quick Facts About The Indianapolis Colts

by Wayne Wheelwright


ISBN: 9781783335688
  • Word Count5,114
  • Page Count18
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The Indianapolis Colts are a member of the South Division of the AFC in the NFL. From their start in Baltimore 60 years ago to their relocation to Indianapolis this book is full of interesting facts and trivia on the Colts. From their most legendary players such as Edgerrin James and Marvin Harrison to their more recent superstars such as Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne, the book also covers things like the relocation, the owners, the coaching staff, retired numbers and much more. This quick read is one that no Colts fan should be without.

About the Author

Wayne Wheelwright has put together quiz books on a number of subjects including TV shows, sports, celebrities and comic book characters. He is also responsible for a series of books in the 50 Quick Facts range including books on the United States, sports teams and various other subjects.