10 Practical Guidelines to Motivate Yourself


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Practical tips and unique insights on self motivation. The ten-factor listing is based entirely on author’s own thoughts. The guidelines will help increase level of motivation enabling one to be more productive. The content also has the potential for making readers reassess their worldview. Another key benefit could be achieving higher levels of motivation while at the same time gaining peace of mind and solace which, in turn, could increase one’s ability to achieve yet greater levels of motivation, serving as a valuable self-reinforcing mechanism. Each of the ten factors is dealt with in a three-step process. First, the factor is defined. Second, its link with motivation is explained. Third, detailed practical tips are given to help reader adopt the required skill.

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Dr Irfan Amir


Dr Irfan Amir joined the Institute of Management Sciences (IMS) in January 2012 as Professor and Dean. His work experience spans over two decades. He has worked for over fifteen years at the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) first as Assistant Professor and then as Associate Professor. He has also worked for about one and a half years each at the University of Central Punjab and Superior University as dean of the faculty of management studies. Dr Amir teaches sales force management, services marketing, and business communication in the BBA, MBA and executive programmes. He has written or supervised over twenty case studies and thesis projects in the area of marketing. Several of these case studies have been published in renowned case research journals and marketing case books. Dr Amir has presented case studies and papers in a number of international conferences in the Far East, Europe and North America. He has consulted widely with the government, private organizations, and international organizations including the United Nations and International Labor Organization. His current research interests are in marketing of services, business communication, and creative writing.







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