Traditionally, if an author wanted to publish a paperback, an investment of tens of thousands of pounds would be required
to cover typesetting, production, manufacturing, warehousing,transport and distribution of an initial print run.

Andrews UK can now offer a more cost-effective method of seeing your book in print, a service called print on demand.
This means that your book is listed for sale with major retailers, available to order online (and often in-store), with each copy being manufactured to order. This means that you do not have to pay the traditional publishing costs such as bulk printing and warehousing.

For a normal fiction title of approximately 80,000 words, this service is available for a one-off fee of £450+VAT (please ask us for a quote for longer or more complex books).

This fee covers:

• Type-setting and layout of your book
• Paperback available in all major worldwide regions via retailers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.
• Print cover design, including one revision (if required)
• ISBN and barcode supplied
• Quality is as good or better compared to a mass-market paperback (the paper we print on is actually a higher quality than industry standard!)
• The option to review your book once for amendments prior to finalisation.

If you choose to upgrade your title to a POD version as above, you will receive 75% of all income from print sales (rather than the normal 50/50 split as on eBooks) and your book will be given priority treatment.